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Doing homework seems challenging to many kids nowadays, as they don’t find homework as the  fun things to do and they often found it stressful. B Star believes that homework is helpful, but should not be stressful. Why it is helpful? There are several good reasons:

  1. To become responsible.
  2. To improve time management
  3. To improve task planning skill
  4. To become more confidence in learning
  5. To improve self-esteem
  6. To improve thinking and memory
  7. The connection between homework and graded test performance

Pom Pom Online Study Companion Program effectively provide students a space where they will obtain guidance without external disruption, to ensure weekly homework will be completed in a timely and stress less manner. This will develop positive learning attitudes that will help them well throughout life.

1 to 1 (1 hour per session)


  1. 责任感
  2. 时间管理
  3. 工作安排/计划
  4. 加强自信心
  5. 加强自尊
  6. 加强记忆力与思考能力
  7. 成绩进步

棒棒在线陪读课程有效地提供学生一个有引导而没外来干扰的平台,确保学生可以按时轻松地交功课。最重要的是可以塑造学生良好的人生态度 - 一生受益无穷。

1 对 1 (每堂课, 1小时)


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