Pom Pom Online Chinese Program 棒棒在线中文课程

Knowing Chinese (Mandarin) is getting more important as it has become an unavoidable trend for global economy. 

Pom Pom Online Chinese program is specially developed for anyone who lives in a country where Chinese is not a primary language which normally creates a barrier in learning Chinese (Mandarin). The program is easy to follow and effective way to learn Chinese - "Listening", "Speaking",  "Reading" and "Writing", for both adults and children as it comes with ONE LESSON and TWO REVISION SESSIONS per week. It is easier to get started than you might think.



Pom Pom Online English Program 棒棒在线英语课程

English is an international language used most widely, as it’s spoken in more countries than any other language.

Pom Pom Online English Program offers both Academic and Adult Conversation modules. Academic module is designed for people who wish to study in institutions which English is a medium of instruction; while Adult Conversation module suits people who come from background but live in a country where English is a primary language.

The program comes with ONE LESSON and TWO REVISION SESSIONS per week. This will allow the students to practise and fully understand what they were taught during the lesson.



让学习者有更多机会练习, 更快速有效地掌握英语的技巧。

Pom Pom Online Language Programs 棒棒在线语文课程

Class size: 1 to 1
1 Tutorial (30 Minutes)+ Revision Sessions (30 Minutes, twice per Week)

Class size: 1 to 2 
1 Tutorial (1 Hour)+ Revision Sessions (30 Minutes, twice per Week)

每班学生人数:1 对 1 

每星期三堂课:⼀堂教学课 (30分钟),两堂复习课 (每堂复习课30分钟)

每班学生人数: 1 对 2
每星期三堂课:⼀堂教学课 (1小时),两堂复习课 (每堂复习课30分钟)


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