Taking a piano lesson at your own space and time. A new way of learning piano, but with a real human interaction, rather than a purely computer program. This has made Pom Pom Online Piano Learning Program especially for leisure piano learners.

1 to 1 (30 minutes / Week)

终于可以轻松的在家上钢琴课了!  这是⼀种学习钢琴的新⽅式,每堂课都以真⼈与电脑互动⽅式教学。棒棒在线钢琴课程尤其适合休闲钢琴学习者。

1 对 1 (每星期, 30分钟)。

Piano learning progress is all depends on how willing the learners are to practice! If only practice once or twice between weekly lessons, probably won’t progress at the pace they wish. Pom Pom Online Piano Companion Program offers One to One session by qualified piano teacher to provide guidance in rhythm, notation, fingering and expression etc. This will effectively enhance the level of willingness and interest in practicing piano.

Practice makes perfect. To improve skills in playing piano, there is no short cut - Practice is the key.

1 to 1 (30 minutes / session)



1 对 1 (每堂课, 30分钟)

Pom Pom Piano Learning Package comes with one Piano Learning lesson PLUS two 30-minutes Piano Companion sessions with a qualified piano teacher each week. This package is designed especially for those who are serious about learning to play the piano and keen to see the improvement.

1 to 1
(30 minutes lesson + 2 x 30-minutes Piano Companion sessions/week)


(每星期,30分钟钢琴学习课 + 两堂30分钟钢琴陪练课)

Want to improve musical theory knowledge? This is the program for you.
Pom Pom Online Theory Program is developed based on AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity and LCM syllabus, is a great supplement to anyone who believe that the weekly music lesson does not focus enough on musical theory which is important to better identify and critically speak about music.

1 to 1 (30 minutes / Week)

棒棒乐理课程有效的为AMEB, ABRSM,Trinity和LCM的课程纲要做准备。如果每星期的音乐课没有给予足够专注在乐理上,这是一个有效的辅助课程,因为乐理可以让音乐学习者提高对音乐的认知与解读。

1 对 1 (每星期, 30分钟)。

Guzheng 古筝 (pronounced goo-jung) is one of the ancient Chinese musical instruments with over 2500 years of history. It is also the most popular instrument in China. With our Online 1:1 private coaching session, learning this amazing instruments is no longer a dream.

1 to 1 (30 minutes / Week). Special school holiday program is also available. 

古筝是拥有两千五百年以上历史,最古老的中国传统乐器之一。也是 中国最受欢迎的乐器。必达的在线一对一古筝课程让每个人都有机会学习这美妙的乐器。请与必达一起珍惜它! 

1 对 1 (每星期, 30分钟)。特别学校假期课程也可安排.

Pom Pom Music APP 棒棒音乐APP

Similarly, the current technology has allowed B Star to develop our own Educational Music APP, called Music Pom Pom, which will effectively enhance musical knowledge of music learners.  



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